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Professional USB microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Apogee MiC 96K
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Professional USB microphone for Mac and Windows

Apogee MiC 96K

Studio quality microphone you can take anywhere

Apogee MiC is a professional studio quality USB microphone you can directly connect to your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows 10 computer. About the size of an iPhone, MiC makes it easy to capture your best take with incredible quality, anywhere your music takes you. Record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to voice-overs, instruments to interviews and everything in between.

About Apogee

Since 1985, Apogee has continually produced award-winning technology that powers many of the world’s most respected studios and recordings. Products like Symphony I/O, Duet, ONE, JAM and MiC have been instrumental in capturing countless GRAMMY and OSCAR winning performances by today’s biggest artists.


  • Studio quality cardioid condenser microphone
  • PureDIGITAL USB connection for pristine sound quality
  • Designed for vocal and acoustic instrument recording
  • Two models to choose from (Mac/iOS or Mac/Windows)
    • iOS connectivity available for Windows model with Apogee’s Lightning iOS cable (sold separately)
  • No configuration required, just plug in and record
  • Made in the U.S.A.*
*Apogee products are built in the U.S.A. using domestic and foreign parts and components.

Choose your MiC

MiC 96k for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Offers everything you need
to connect to iPad, iPhone or Mac

$229 USD

MiC 96k for Mac & Windows

Offers everything you need
to connect to Mac or Windows 10 Computers

$199 USD

Apogee MiC 96k Product Tour

Cardioid Polar Pattern

MiC features a cardioid condenser microphone capsule ideal for making high-quality recordings of voice and acoustic instruments


What you can record with MiC


MiC features a wide dynamic range for capturing any singing style and genre. From soft ballads to hard rock, your vocal recordings will be clear and detailed. And because you can easily set your level directly on MiC, your tracks will be distortion-free.

See how it works in this video>

Acoustic Instruments

MiC’s preamp and A/D converter are designed to record the true tone of acoustic instruments. Recordings of acoustic guitar, piano, strings and percussion will all sound like you are in the room with the performance.

See how it works in this video>

Record Voice-overs, Podcasts and Interviews

MiC simplifies the recording process for voice-overs, podcasts and interviews and delivers professional results. With MiC and your laptop you have an affordable setup that is easy to use and completely portable.

Bill Goldsmith – Internet Radio DJ


Recording voiceovers with Joe Cipriano and Apogee MiC

Joe Cipriano - Voice Actor

Recent Projects: CBS, FOX, The Simpsons, Two and A Half Men
"Luckily I have MiC with me in the car wherever I go, so if something does come up and I have to pick up a line, all I have to do is pull out MiC from the glovebox, plug it into my iPhone and record it, and then I send it as an email."

The Mamas - Background Vocalists

Recent Projects: Beyoncé
“We've worked with a bunch of different studio mics, some $10,000 mics, and the Apogee MiC is just as good as those. The beauty of it is you can take it on the go, so you aren't just confined to a studio. Wherever we are, when we're out on the road, we can always just pull up the MiC and get to work. ”

Butch Walker - Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Recent Projects: "The Spade", Avril Lavigne, Pink, Train, Gavin DeGraw
“I was in a hotel room in NYC and needed to do a quick demo on my laptop for a pretty big pop artist that I work with.. Immediately after record enabling the track, I heard it picking up the entire room.. it was so sensitive and had such broad dynamic range... It kind of blew me away”

It’s a microphone, preamp
and converter

Three products in one small package

Apogee MiC combines a microphone, microphone preamp and an A/D converter into one compact device. Apogee has carefully designed each part of MiC 96k to deliver the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone. And it all fits in your pocket.

PureDIGITAL technology delivers
pristine sound quality

MiC 96k is a premium digital audio converter featuring PureDIGITAL technology, which delivers your voice or acoustic instrument’s true tone to your computer or iOS device without compromise. You will notice the sonic difference between MiC and other similar USB microphones immediately.

Compare MiC Options

Apogee MiC 96k

For iPad, iPhone and Mac

Apogee MiC 96k

For Mac and Windows

IntroductionJanuary 2014August 2016
Sound QualityStudio quality digital connectionStudio quality digital connection
Resolution & sample rate24 bit
Up to 96kHz recording
24 bit
Up to 96kHz recording
Look & FeelSameSame
In the box• MiC 96k
• Lightning iOS cable
• USB mac cable
• Table top stand
• Microphone stand adapter
• Quick start guide
• MiC 96k
• USB mac cable
• Table top stand
• Microphone stand adapter
• Quick start guide
Windows 10 Compatibility?NOYES
iOS Device Compatibility?iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Apogee’s iOS Lightning cable included.Not included in the box. iPod touch, iPhone, iPad connectivity available with Apogee’s Lightning iOS cable (sold separately)
Price$229 USD$199 USD


Radioworld - Apogee MiC 96k Review

"Here’s the quick read: If you are in radio and you have a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone, get one of these now."

ProAudio Review - USB Microphones featuring Apogee MiC

“As we set up and tried out different mics, this was the first one that made me smile. The Apogee was clear and bright and not overdriven, thanks to the gain pot. I was impressed at how it handled the high SPLs”

Recording Magazine - Pocket-sized interfaces with Apogee power

"The guitar’s sound was faithfully reproduced. I was especially impressed with the third track; it seems like MiC really liked the sweet sound of a softly fingerpicked figure."

Customer Reviews

Astonishing Simplicity, Phenomenal Quality


“I have a great home recording setup with very nice pres, converters, mics, etc. And the Apogee MiC is never going to match the quality of my full rig. But for years I have been frustrated at not having a simple-to-use, decent-sound-quality setup for creative purposes (laying down scratch tracks, song writing ideas, etc.) Enter the MiC. A good creative tool, at the very least, needs to get out of the way of the process, if not enhance it. It needs to be invisible or elevate without adding complication. It needs to be immediately accessible in any circumstance. The MiC is just this very thing, and I am extraordinarily pleased with the results. This is a beautiful product, and it yields beautiful results with astonishing ease. It simplifies my workflow and enhances the outcome. Everyone who uses their phone as a part of their songwriting kit should own one of these. It’s that good.”

From Sweetwater

So simple


“After years of attaching the mic to the mic power box to the pre amp to the computer, it feels like cheating that this mic setup is so simple. Plug and play! Great sensitivity, great price. I’m really happy with this mic.”

From Sweetwater

I like MiC


“I’m not a microphone expert by any means, and as with most things musical it’s largely subjective anyway, but I thought MiC did a fantastic job recording my acoustic guitar.”



Recording voiceovers with Joe Cipriano and Apogee MiC

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