Field recording App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apogee’s MetaRecorder is the first two-channel audio recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to offer intuitive multi-take recording, tagging and file organization for any field recording scenario.

Made for ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital by Sennheiser

The perfect companion to Sennheiser’s clip-on digital microphones, MetaRecorder features 24 bit/96kHz recording quality plus software control of the mic input level and DSP processing.

Transform Your Final Cut Pro X workflow

Apply metadata tags like Keywords, Favorites, Markers and more to your audio files while recording in the field, then share the recorded audio and Final Cut Pro XML files to Dropbox directly from MetaRecorder. When imported into Final Cut Pro on a Mac, the captured metadata greatly simplifies the process of organizing and parsing your media, substantially accelerating your post-production workflow.


  • Field recording app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Record multiple takes and navigate easily between them
  • Mono or stereo audio recording up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution
  • Effortless media organization of field audio recordings
    • Add metadata such as Keywords, Markers + Notes and Favorites on the fly
    • Customize audio file names
  • Export to Dropbox as FCPXML format to open in Final Cut Pro
  • Control input gain and other settings for Sennheiser and Apogee audio interfaces
  • Control essential features with Apple Watch
  • For a limited time, unlock unlimited recording by connecting compatible Apogee or Sennheiser interface
  • $4.99 USD in-App purchase for unlimited recording without Apogee or Sennheiser interface


Connect a microphone, audio interface or use the built-in microphone on your iOS device. Record mono or stereo audio up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution.


MetaRecorder lets you add keywords, markers and notes, designate “favorite” takes and customize auto file naming for a unique, informative and easily searchable name.


Save your session as an FCPXML file from MetaRecord App. When opened in Final Cut Pro, metadata entered in the field makes searching and organizing your media fast and effortless.

Free version of MetaRecorder is limited to 60 seconds of continuous audio recording. For a limited time, connect Apogee or Sennheiser iOS audio interface to upgrade or purchase full version in the App to unlock recording time restriction


96kHz/24-bit Audio Recording
Record presentation

24-bit/96 kHz Recording

MetaRecorder allows you to record mono, stereo or dual mono inputs with up to 96 kHz/24-bit quality. Standard rates from 44.1-96kHz are available, however you can also choose to record at a sample rate of 22.05kHz – useful for saving hard drive space when recording things such as interviews where broadcast quality is not necessary.

Connect a Microphone

Connect one of Sennheiser’s clip-on digital microphones or Apogee’s iOS compatible interfaces directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and create professional quality recordings using Apogee MetaRecorder. Effortlessly adjust your microphone input gain to the perfect level for ClipMic digital, MKE 2 digital or any of Apogee’s iOS compatible interfaces directly from within the app.

Sennheiser ClipMic digital

Sennheiser MKE 2 digital

Sennheiser MKE 2 digital

Apogee MiC on tripod stand

Apogee MiC 96k

Control with Apple Watch App

Essential features of MetaRecorder on iPhone can be controlled from Apple Watch

  • Start and stop recording
  • Add a take to Favorites
  • Add Markers
  • Set your microphone input level


Tag your recordings with keywords and metadata


MetaRecorder organizes audio recordings in Scenes; only one Scene at a time may be active. Scene names are customizable and determine how the recorded audio files will be automatically named.


Label your takes with unique, informative and easily searchable keywords. MetaRecorder provides a Keyword Library for based on your previously used keywords, so you do not have to waste time typing the same things for each take.


In each Scene, the recordings, called Takes, are arranged as a vertical “stack” for easy selection. A new Take is created for any new recordings and there’s no way to record over previous recordings. Take numbers are automatically incremented with each new recording, however you can modify the number if needed.


At any time while recording, you can add tap to add Markers, indicating a specific moment in that particular take. Add notes to each marker without interrupting your recording. You can even use Siri to capture your notes hands-free.


Add a role name to each scene to designate who the speaker is. This name appears in the upper lefthand corner of the recorded file within the app and is included in the audio filename.


Tap the star to mark a recorded take as a “favorite” and easily know the best recordings to come back to.


Organize your workflow in Final Cut Pro

Share your Recordings and Metadata

MetaRecorder lets you share your recordings in three different ways – via Dropbox, email or through iTunes when connected to a computer with a USB cable. MetaRecorder shares data as a single folder for each Scene. Each Scene folder contains:

  • Audio files
  • Final Cut Pro XML data file
  • Scene parameters data file

Import to Final Cut Pro X

Using separate audio and video devices means twice the number of files generated during production, so it’s even more important to organize and tag those files. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is built from the ground up to support workflows that rely on metadata. As production video and audio is imported into Final Cut Pro, the metadata tags and custom filenames from MetaRecorder allow you to effectively search for the audio files you are looking for.

Import Audio to an Audio Recording App on Mac or PC

The recorded audio files will retain the custom naming that you have applied within MetaRecorder, making them easy to sort through when importing to audio recording App on your Mac or PC.

Perfect for Speech, Events or Audio for Video

Hands-free note taking
Record presentation
Great for speech

Unlock the Full Potential of MetaRecorder – LIMITED TIME OFFER

The free version of MetaRecorder is limited to 60 seconds of continuous recording. For a limited time, if you have a compatible Sennheiser or Apogee device, you can unlock unlimited continuous recording in MetaRecorder for free simply by connecting any compatible device (see list of devices below).

If you do not have a compatible device, you can make an in-app purchase to upgrade to unlimited recording.

Compatible devices for unlocking MetaRecorder include:

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