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  • Lightning-Cable-450x450

    1 meter iPad/iPhone Lightning Cable for Apogee ONE, Duet, and Quartet

    1 meter Lightning cable for connecting iOS compatible ONE, Duet, or Quartet to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad

  • MiC-Case-450x450

    Apogee MiC Carrying Case

    Protective case for Apogee MiC, tripod, all tables and mic stand adapter. Features a hard shell exterior and a custom foamed interior for the very best protection.

  • Lightning-to-Hirose-450x450

    1 Meter iPad/iPhone Lightning Cable for JAM and MiC

    1 meter Lightning cable for connecting Apogee JAM and MiC to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

  • 3-meter-lightning-hirose-450x450

    3 Meter iPad/iPhone Lightning cable for JAM and MiC

    3 meter Lightning cable for connecting Apogee JAM / JAM 96k and MiC / MiC 96k to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

  • 3-meter-USB-cable-for-MiC-JAM-450x450

    3 Meter USB (Mac) Cable for Apogee JAM & MiC

    3-meter Hirose-to-USB cable provides connection from Apogee JAM / JAM 96k or MiC / MiC 96k to any available USB port on a Mac.

  • ONE-Case-450x450

    Apogee Accessories Travel Case

    The Apogee Universal Travel Case is a soft neoprene case offering complete protection of your picks, strings, cables, or other small accessories. Featuring two interior pockets, one small exterior pocket, a belt loop for easy connection to an instrument or laptop bag, and an embroidered Apogee logo.

  • MiC-Stand-Adapter-450x450

    Apogee MiC Stand Adapter

    The MiC Stand Adapter lets you mount MiC or MiC 96k on any standard 5/8″ microphone stand. Combined with the optional 3m cables, the adapter gives you the ability to precisely place MiC for optimal recording results.

  • ONE-Breakout-Cable-450x450

    Apogee ONE Breakout Cable

    With ONE’s Breakout Cable, connect any external microphone or instrument to ONE through XLR and 1/4” input connections. This cable comes in the box with all new and refurbished ONE models.

  • 2-meter-Mac-USB-Cable-for-Quartet-Duet-ONE-450x450

    2 meter USB Cable for ONE for iPad & Mac, One for Mac, Duet for iPad & Mac, and Quartet for iPad & Mac

    2 meter Mac USB cable for Quartet, Duet-iOS-Mac, One-Mac, and One-iOS-MAC.

  • jam-mic-usb-cable-lg

    1 Meter Mac USB Cable for Apogee JAM & MiC

    1 meter, Hirose-to-USB cable provides connection from JAM or MiC to any available USB port on a Mac.

  • Apogee-ONE-for-Mac-iOS-Upgrade-Kit-Power

    Power Supply for ONE for iPad and Mac / Duet for iPad and Mac

    Replacement power supply. Works with either Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac or Apogee ONE for iPad and Mac. Not compatible with Apogee Duet 2 (2011 model).

  • Jam-Covers-450x450

    Apogee JAM Cover

    The all-new JAM protective cover is a stylish form-fitting wrap for your JAM or JAM 96k. Made with durable lightweight silicone, the cover provides all the protection you need for jamming on the go.

  • Apogee-ONE-for-Mac-iOS-Upgrade-Kit-450

    iOS Upgrade Kit (Apogee ONE for Mac)

    Accessories Kit for connecting Apogee ONE for Mac to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Lightning connector. Includes Power Supply, International Adapters, and Lightning cable.

  • Duet-breakout-cable-450x450

    Apogee Duet 2/iOS Breakout Cable

    Duet 2’s breakout cable is greatly streamlined with 2 combination mic/instrument connectors (XLR and 1/4”) built into a single connector and 2 balanced 1/4” connectors for speakers.

  • 1-meter-30-pin-cable-for-ONE-Duet-Quartet-450x450

    1 Meter iPad/iPhone 30-pin Cable for ONE-iOS/Duet-iOS/Quartet

    1 Meter 30-pin to USB Cable provides connection to iPhone/iPad from Apogee ONE for iPad and Mac, Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac, or Apogee Quartet.

  • quartet-power-cable_3

    Power Supply for Apogee Quartet ,ThunderBridge, and Element series.

    Replacement power supply. Works with either Apogee Quartet, ThunderBridge or Element Series.

  • ONE-Mount-450x450

    Apogee ONE Mic Mount

    The ONE Mic Mount is a specially designed mount crafted to attach to any standard microphone stand and securely hold ONE in place. (Item included with the ONE for iPad and Mac)

  • one-dac-car-kit-1000-300x170

    ONE for iPad and Mac Car Adapter Kit

    Listen to audiophile-quality music in your car with Apogee ONE and your iPhone, iPod, or iPad using this convenient car adapter kit.

  • 1

    Apogee Wyde Eye – S/PDIF – RCA Coaxial Cable

    Use the Apogee Wyde Eye cable with Big Ben, Ensemble, Mini-DAC, Rosetta 200 and for other digital device connections that supports S/PDIF, DOLBY AC-3, and DTS on a 75 ohm coaxial connection.

  • jam-connect-dynamic-microphone

    XLR to 1/4″ Mono adapter for Apogee Jam & Jam-96k

    Connect a dynamic microphone to the Apogee Jam or Jam-96k with this adaptor for high-quality microphone recordings.

  • Duet-FireWire-Breakout-Cable-Refurbished-450x450

    Apogee Duet FireWire Breakout Cable

    Duet’s Breakout Cable is flexible, reliable, and easy to use when connecting your instruments, microphones, and powered speakers. The breakout cable also greatly reduces Duet’s footprint on your desktop and makes its design sleek, low profile, and ergonomic. Compatible with FireWire Duet only.

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