All Ensemble settings are made from Apogee’s Maestro software Settings panel. Older versions of Logic Pro have a separate Apogee Control Panel. Certain settings can be also be made from OS X audio control panels. It’s possible to open multiple control panels simultaneously, as settings made on one control panel are mirrored on all others. Additionally, Mic Pre gain and Output level may be controlled from Ensemble’s front panel encoders, as described on the lower half of this page.

What is Maestro? – Apogee Maestro provides the most complete control of Ensemble, including control of all Ensemble parameters, store/recall of configurations, expanded routing and 2 low–latency mixers. Maestro may be used with any Core Audio compatible audio application.

The Logic Pro Apogee Control Panel, found in Logic Pro (9 and lower) under the Audio menu, provides control of all Ensemble parameters and store/recall of configurations.

Audio Midi Setup (AMS) – This OS X utility (found in the rootdrive/Applications/Utilities folder) provides control of Ensemble’s clock source, sample rate and output level.

To set Ensemble’s output level using the Mac’s menu bar audio fader, set Default Output (in AMS) to Ensemble; OSX audio faders (including the menu bar fader) will then control the output selected on Ensemble’s front panel. For example, if the front panel  LED is lit, OSX audio faders control the  output level.