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  • Volume and Gain are changing by themselves – Auto Gain Control

    If your Apogee’s Input Gain or Output Volume are changing on their own, this may be caused by a 3rd-party program like Skype, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, and others. How is this possible? All modern Apogee interfaces have input gain and output volume that are digitally controlled rather than an analog potentiometer that must be […]

  • Logic Direct Monitoring

    What is Logic Direct Monitoring?  Hardware – Software Requirements Element Series + Ensemble Thunderbolt with July 2017 software and firmware updates Requires Logic Pro 10.3.2 or greater Direct Monitoring feature enabled only with a single Apogee interface – Direct Monitoring is disabled when multiple Apogee interfaces are connected. Setting up Logic Pro to use Direct […]

  • With 2 Elements, controls for Mixer aren’t working OR they’re controlling wrong Mixer

    This post addresses possible issues when using 2 Elements at the same time and routing audio through the low-latency mixers in the Element Control app. If you aren’t using 2 Elements together or if you are, but you’re not using any of the mixers built into Control (Element latency is low enough, the majority of […]

  • My Element won’t power on when connected to my display monitor or MacBook

    Question: My Apogee Element (24, 46, or 88) doesn’t power up when I connect it to my display monitor or my MacBook. What’s wrong?   Answer: Thunderbolt devices such as the Apogee Element will only work when connected to true Thunderbolt ports. Be careful not to mistake a Mini-Display Port for a Thunderbolt 2 port […]

  • Do Apogee Thunderbolt products (Element, Ensemble Thunderbolt, Symphony I/O MkII, Thunderbridge) work with the 2016 MacBook Pro?

    Question: Do Apogee’s Thunderbolt products (Element 24, Element 46, Element 88, Ensemble Thunderbolt, Symphony I/O MkII Thunderbolt, and Symphony 64 Thunderbridge) work with the 2016 MacBook Pro?   Answer: Yes. The 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, shown here, includes Thunderbolt 3 ports. You will need to use an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 […]