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  • Does Apogee products work with the iPad Pro with USB-C port?

    Apple’s iPad Pro with the USB-C port marks a significant change that affects Apogee’s iOS-compatible devices. First some background: Apogee’s iOS compatible products have been officially certified for all past iPad/iPhone/iPod models (the ones with Lightning or 30-pin connectors) by Apple through their MFi Licensee program. However Apple does not offer MFi certification for the […]

  • Mac Audio Optimization Guide

    When streaming audio through an interface connected to your Mac, there are many factors that can cause the audio to have artifacts such as pops or clicks, stutters, or dropouts as you play or record. Use this guide to optimize your Mac computer to reduce the chances of this from happening. In Apple Menu > […]

  • Volume and Gain are changing by themselves – Auto Gain Control

    If your Apogee’s Input Gain or Output Volume are changing on their own, this may be caused by a 3rd-party program like Skype, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, and others. How is this possible? All modern Apogee interfaces have input gain and output volume that are digitally controlled rather than an analog potentiometer that must be […]

  • On Skype for Windows, I’m getting the message “Your mic isn’t working. Try another one”.

    If you’re using Skype for Windows with an Apogee USB interface and see the message “Your mic isn’t working. Try another one”, this most likely indicates a sample rate mismatch in the Windows Sound Control Panel. Ensure the selected sample rate is the same in these two locations. Control Panel > Sound > Playback > […]

  • How can I get rid of clicks and pops on my Apogee-equipped Windows system?

    Follow these steps to eliminate audio clicks and pops on your Apogee-equipped Windows system Use the LatencyMon utility to check the performance of your Windows computer, as described in this link: http://www.apogeedigital.com/pdf/Windows-LatencyMon-Guide.pdf  ONCE LatencyMon displays the message “Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts”. Until issues indicated by […]