ONE: User Guides

ONE: Connecting ONE’s breakout cable

-To connect an input, first it’s necessary to connect ONE”s breakout cable to the back panel  connector.

-Be sure to properly orient the breakout cable connector so that the contact pins are on the bottom. Shown here:

-Ensure that the breakout cable connector snaps into place. To disconnect the breakout cable, press in the buttons on either side of the connector and pull out.

ONE: Connecting a Microphone

• Connect ONE’s breakout cable to the rear panel  connector, and connect the microphone to the ONE breakout cable’s  (XLR) input.

• Open Apogee Maestro software and select Ext Mic in the Input menu. When using a phantom-powered mic, select Ext 48V Mic.



• If your microphone is equipped with a 1/4” mono jack output, connect it to the breakout cable’s  (1/4”) input.

• In the Maestro Input menu, select Inst.

ONE: Connecting Powered Speakers

• Connect powered monitors to ONE’s front panel  jack using an adaptor cable with an 1/8” stereo plug to connect to ONE and two suitable plugs for connection to your speakers.

• Open Apogee Maestro software and select Stereo in the Output Level menu.


• To set the speakers’ input level control (sometimes labelled input sensitivity), please see the description found here (link to be added).

• If hum or buzz is heard in the speakers, please see the Troubleshooting tip found here.