JAM: Compatibility

Which iPad/iPhone apps are compatible with JAM?

These apps have been successfully tested with JAM on an iPhone 4 running iOS version 6. Apps will be added to this list as they are identified and determined to be compatible.

  • Ampkit
  • AmpliTube (version 2.5 or greater)
  • Amps & Cabs
  • Anytune
  • Apple GarageBand
  • Audio Deck Professional
  • Bias iProRecorder
  • EveryDay Looper
  • Fairlight Sampler
  • Fantastocrats StudioMini
  • Gibson’s L&M
  • Hindenburg Field Recorder
  • iAnalyzer
  • iMovie
  • iRecorder Pro
  • iShred Live
  • JamUp
  • Loopy
  • McDSP Retro Recorder
  • Multitrack DAW
  • Nano Studio (TRG-16 pad sampling)
  • PocketAmp*
  • PocketGK*
  • Reap DFX
  • Riot FX
  • Rock Prodigy: Guitar*
  • ScratchTones
  • Sonoma FourTrack
  • Sonoma GuitarTone
  • Studio Devil Guitar Amp
  • Taylor EQ
  • VocaLive (version 1.5 or greater)
  • Voice Memos
  • Xewton Music Studio 2.0

Can you run Apogee products on a Mac that is booted from OSX on an external hard drive?

Yes, your Apogee interface will work on a Mac booted from OSX on an external hard drive.  Please note the following requirements:

  • OSX version must be noted as compatible with the Apogee product on our website
  • The external hard drive must be formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • External hard drive must be partitioned as a GUID partition table for booting Intel Macs

Are Apogee products compatible with Pro Tools 11?

Yes!  The following products have been tested and are fully compatible with Pro Tools 11 (every version of 11):

  • JAM
  • JAM 96k
  • MiC
  • MiC 96k
  • Groove
  • GiO
  • ONE for Mac (old and new versions)
  • ONE for iPad & Mac
  • Duet FireWire
  • Duet 2
  • Duet for iPad & Mac
  • Quartet for iPad & Mac
  • Ensemble FireWire
  • Ensemble Thunderbolt
  • Symphony I/O (USB, Symphony, and Pro Tools HD modes)
  • Symphony I/O MkII (Thunderbolt and Pro Tools HD)
  • Symphony 64 PCIe
  • Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge
  • X-Symphony equipped X-Series and Rosetta Series Converters
  • X-HD equipped X-Series and Rosetta Series Converters

iOS 5.1 Compatibility for MiC/JAM

Apogee Announces iOS 5.1 Compatibility

Apogee announces compatibility of iOS 5.1with Apogee MiC and JAM


Resolved issue – Loss of network connection

An issue with USB audio devices (including MiC and JAM) whereby the network connection is lost when the device is connected has been resolved in iOS 5.1.


Known Issue – USB audio devices not initialized after a cold start of the iOS device

When starting the iOS device from a powered-down state, USB audio devices are not recognized. To work around the issue, simply disconnect then re-connect the Apogee audio device, or connect the Apogee audio device after the iOS device has completed its start-up sequence.

Please consult these FAQs for more MiC and JAM troubleshooting information: