Tom Lord-Alge – Grammy Winning Mixer

“The 2×6 SE inspires me on a daily basis, knowing that what is coming out of my console is getting to the listener EXACTLY the way it sounds at my studio!”

Carl Allen – Musician, Educator, Producer

Recent Projects: Carl Allen & The Art of Elvin, Christian McBride & Inside Straight, Benny Golson Quartet

“Whether recording ideas on the road with Apogee MiC or listening to music from my computer with Groove, I never leave home without Apogee”

Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour Relies on Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II For Live Vocal Processing

For Beyoncé’s Formation World tour, the production team relies on the rock solid stability, low latency and ease of use provided by Apogee’s Symphony I/O Mk II Thunderbolt and Apple MainStage Software to run her lead vocal effects in realtime.

Andy Meyer – Front of House Engineer

Recent Projects: Justin Timberlake, Madonna
“Symphony I/O allows me to convert analog outboard gear back into my digital console at levels that other convertors cannot handle…There is a reason this piece is used worldwide in mastering houses, and there’s an absolute reason I continue to support it by taking it worldwide. There is an unprecedented level of trust I have for this piece and what it allows me to accomplish.”

Apogee Artists on the Billboard 200 (Week of May 2, 2016)

Let’s take a look at three albums on this week’s Billboard 200 created by today’s influential women and Apogee Users.

Huey Lewis – Musician

“The microphone sounds great, is extremely portable, and easy to use, even for a non- tech guy like me.”

Amy Wadge – GRAMMY Winning Songwriter

Recent Projects: Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban, Janelle Monáe

“I use Apogee products everyday as a songwriter – I need to record ideas quickly and clearly and often need the quality to be good enough to capture a moment as it happens and there is no other product i have used that does that better than Apogee.”

Jaylien Wesley – Artist, Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Akon, Chris Brown, Kacy Hill, Will.I.Am

“We recorded Kacy Hill “Experience” on the Apogee MiC – she ended up signing to Kanye West with that one song. Anything I’ve released has been recorded with the MiC…I love Apogee & buying the MiC was probably the best $200 i’ve spent my whole career”

Ed Cherney – GRAMMY Winning Mix Engineer

Recent Projects: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Elton John

“I normally just take my earbuds out of the mini jack and call it a day. But listening through the Groove stunned me. I couldn’t believe there could be such a huge difference.”