Carl Allen – Musician, Educator, Producer

Recent Projects: Carl Allen & The Art of Elvin, Christian McBride & Inside Straight, Benny Golson Quartet

“Whether recording ideas on the road with Apogee MiC or listening to music from my computer with Groove, I never leave home without Apogee”

Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour Relies on Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II For Live Vocal Processing

For Beyoncé’s Formation World tour, the production team relies on the rock solid stability, low latency and ease of use provided by Apogee’s Symphony I/O Mk II Thunderbolt and Apple MainStage Software to run her lead vocal effects in realtime.

Andy Meyer – Front of House Engineer

Recent Projects: Justin Timberlake, Madonna
“Symphony I/O allows me to convert analog outboard gear back into my digital console at levels that other convertors cannot handle…There is a reason this piece is used worldwide in mastering houses, and there’s an absolute reason I continue to support it by taking it worldwide. There is an unprecedented level of trust I have for this piece and what it allows me to accomplish.”

Apogee Artists on the Billboard 200 (Week of May 2, 2016)

Let’s take a look at three albums on this week’s Billboard 200 created by today’s influential women and Apogee Users.

Huey Lewis – Musician

“The microphone sounds great, is extremely portable, and easy to use, even for a non- tech guy like me.”

Amy Wadge – GRAMMY Winning Songwriter

Recent Projects: Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban, Janelle Monáe

“I use Apogee products everyday as a songwriter – I need to record ideas quickly and clearly and often need the quality to be good enough to capture a moment as it happens and there is no other product i have used that does that better than Apogee.”

Jaylien Wesley – Artist, Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Akon, Chris Brown, Kacy Hill, Will.I.Am

“We recorded Kacy Hill “Experience” on the Apogee MiC – she ended up signing to Kanye West with that one song. Anything I’ve released has been recorded with the MiC…I love Apogee & buying the MiC was probably the best $200 i’ve spent my whole career”

Ed Cherney – GRAMMY Winning Mix Engineer

Recent Projects: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Elton John

“I normally just take my earbuds out of the mini jack and call it a day. But listening through the Groove stunned me. I couldn’t believe there could be such a huge difference.”

Congratulations to the 58th Annual Grammy Nominees

We would like to congratulate the many Grammy nominees this year, many of whom we are proud to have as part of the Apogee family. A special mention to a few of our Apogee users who have been nominated for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards: