Fred Melamed – Actor

“This is a great sounding mic considering both size and price. In my home studio, I almost always use my U87 or once in a while a 416, but I use the Apogee when I’m out of the studio as a VO mic and for interviewing people.”

Carl Allen – Musician, Educator, Producer

Recent Projects: Carl Allen & The Art of Elvin, Christian McBride & Inside Straight, Benny Golson Quartet

“Whether recording ideas on the road with Apogee MiC or listening to music from my computer with Groove, I never leave home without Apogee”

Huey Lewis – Musician

“The microphone sounds great, is extremely portable, and easy to use, even for a non- tech guy like me.”

Jaylien Wesley – Artist, Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Akon, Chris Brown, Kacy Hill, Will.I.Am

“We recorded Kacy Hill “Experience” on the Apogee MiC – she ended up signing to Kanye West with that one song. Anything I’ve released has been recorded with the MiC…I love Apogee & buying the MiC was probably the best $200 i’ve spent my whole career”

Matt Squire – Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Panic! at the Disco, KREWELLA, Hollywood Undead, 3OH!3
“The Apogee MiC has changed the way we do everything at Matt Squire Productions. Its quite simply the first portable microphone that sounds amazing. Since integrating it into our process, we have been making top quality tracks with it on our phones, tablets and laptops. Our artists love the sound and convenience of it. MiC is truly the beginning of a revolution in audio recording.”

Recording voiceovers with Joe Cipriano and Apogee MiC

Joe Cipriano – Voice Actor

Recent Projects: CBS, FOX, The Simpsons, Two and A Half Men
“Luckily I have MiC with me in the car wherever I go, so if something does come up and I have to pick up a line, all I have to do is pull out MiC from the glovebox, plug it into my iPhone and record it, and then I send it as an email.”

Jan “Mama J” Smith – Vocal Coach, Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Usher, Sugarland, The Band Perry, Justin Bieber
“The new Apogee MiC is a great plug-and-play tool to help our clients have efficient, yet quality recording on their laptops and iPads! 
It’s easy to use and has a great sensitivity for a broad range of voices. It’s definitely the MiC for sessions on-the-go because it’s portable 
and light-weight enough to throw in a purse or carry-on bag.”

The Mamas – Background Vocalists

Recent Projects: Beyoncé
“We’ve worked with a bunch of different studio mics, some $10,000 mics, and the Apogee MiC is just as good as those. The beauty of it is you can take it on the go, so you aren’t just confined to a studio. Wherever we are, when we’re out on the road, we can always just pull up the MiC and get to work. ”

Ted Gowans – Musician